Automatic ball bearing Combining machine


Main Features:

  1. Auto IR/OR loading and transfer to measuring station;
  2. Auto measure IR/OR raceway diameter by using MARPOSS measure instrument system with precision of 0.1mm, repetitive measure variation:±1mm.
  3. Auto master calibration and calibration cycle can be set on touch screen;
  4. 10 IR/OR individual storage; auto choose ball size according to the clearance set in touch screen;
  5. 9 ball groups, ball size can be set on touch screen;
  6. Auto filling ball and ball quantity confirmation;
  7. Auto OR elastic deforming, centering and combining;
  8. NG combination separating unit.
  9. Auto transfer combined bearing to next machine;
  10. Touch screen displays reference below:
    • Bearing type
    • Clearance upper/lower limit
    • Each group ball size
    • Current rings size in the storage
    • IR/OR master size and measured size statistic
    • Combination count and other statistical data
    • Trouble indicating system

Automatic Tapered Roller Bearing Assembly Machine


Main Features:

  1. Auto cage loading with 2 bunch sticks and sent to assembly station.
  2. Auto roller loading and orientation.
  3. Auto filling rollers into cage.
  4. Auto IR loading, and put IR into cage/ roller component.
  5. Equipped with camera system for roller quantity and orientation inspection, Auto NG alarming.
  6. Auto press IR and cage unit with 5T pressing system, pressure adjustable.
  7. Auto IR cone height check, using MARPOSS measuring instrument with precision of 0.1μm,repetitive measure variation: ±1.5 mm Touch screen set IR component height limits. Auto NG ejection.
  8. Auto IR cone torque check, touch screen set OK torque value, auto NG ejection.
  9. Auto taking out assembled IR component and transfer to next machine.
  10. Applicable to both metal and plastic cage.
  11. Touch screen set each inspection parameter and display current measuring value, auto calculate and display normal and NG, NG amount; display each measuring statistic; trouble indicating system.

Auto Double Side Laser Marking machine


Main Features:

  1. Auto bearing loading;
  2. Auto mark on bearing A-side IR/OR surface; turnover, then mark on B-side IR/OR surface;

Automatic machine for grease dispensing and pressing of protective shields and seals


Main Features:

  1. Auto bearing loading and clip to desired station;
  2. Auto fulfilling each process respectively as:  Weighing/ greasing /weighing (in one station) – A side shield sending & shielding – shield height checking- turnover – B side shield sending & shielding – shield height checking – grease distribution;
  1. Auto double side ration greasing, greasing precision: ±3% of greasing weight;
  2. Equipped with 2 sets of electronic scale with 0.1g precision;
  3. Shielding with pneumatic-hydraulic system, pressure adjustable;
  4. Bunch stick loading both rubber seal and metal shield;
  5. Height checking after double side shielding, auto NG ejection;
  6. Possible to choose single/double/no shield working;
  7. Auto grease uniform;
  8. Touch screen set each inspection parameter, auto count and display OK/NG amount; with trouble indicating system;

Professional lathe WHL 6000/3300M

Wuxi Machine Tools Co., LTD

The WHL 6000/3300M is a compact, professional lathe for turning, threading, cutting and other operations.

Technical data:

The diameter of the turning above the bed is 320 mm.
Rotation range – 60…1650 rpm
Threading range (inch/metric): 9-40 TPI / 0.5-4.0 mm.
The quill stroke is 75 mm.
Motor power 1100 W.
Voltage 230 V.

Professional bench lathe WHL 5500/2500S

Wuxi Machine Tools Co., LTD

The 5500/2500S Bench Lathe is a compact, professional bench lathe for turning, threading, parting and other operations.

Technical data:

The diameter of the turning above the bed is 250 mm.
Rotation range – 125…2000 rpm
Threading range (inch/metric): 10-44 TPI / 0.4-3.5 mm.
The quill stroke is 70 mm.
Motor power 750 W.
Voltage 230 V.

MODEL 3MK1632/1 and 3MK1632 CNC Self-aligning Race Grinder For Bearing Outer Ring


It’s used for grinding the self-aligning race for bearing outer ring. It can be used in production line for mass production. It’s designed for hand loading.

O.D. of workφ200 〜φ300 mm.
Width of work 50〜100 mm.

Two-axis CNC system.
Positioning accuracy less than 0.002mm.

Automatic equipment for monitoring the vibration level of bearings ODR-70

Wuxi Sunye Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

The devices are designed for automated monitoring of the rolling bearing vibration level.
Automatic sorting into usable and not usable.
The possibility of setting the threshold values of vibration levels.
Frequency division into three measuring ranges.

Measurement range of vibration velocity:

50-300 Hz
300-1800 Hz
1800-10000 Hz

Collation table (Conveyor type)


Main features:

1. Horizontal conveyor collation table with oil collect tray;
2. Carton loading in horizontal position, and turn to vertical position for collation.
3. Table Size: 700*1000mm;

Auto Conveyor type Loading Machine


Main Feature:

1. Manual put bearing onto conveyor table;
2. Auto bearing feeding by conveyor. Conveyor table size: 750 * 1500mm
3. Auto bearing lacking indicator.

Auto Plastic Film Packing Machine


Main Features:

1. Auto bearing loading, auto cutting and wrapping;
2. Auto plastic film sending, length can be set outside;
3. Auto square type bearing packing and hot sealing, digital display sealing temperature adjustable;
sealing time adjustable; constant temperature ±5°C;
4. Auto output after packing;
5. Trouble indicating system;

Auto Carton Packing Machine (Gluing type)


Main Features:

1. Auto carton loading via carton storage chute;
    * storage chute length about 1000mm; chute width adjustable via hand wheel;
2. Auto carton shaping;
3. Auto bearing loading via conveyor,
4. Auto filling bearing into carton;
5. Auto carton sealing by gluing system;
6. Auto empty box checking and separating;
7. Auto print onto carton side board surface; equipped with HITACHI printer;
8. Auto box alignment output;
9. Trouble indicating system.